Jim Cooper Memorial Scholarship

The Jim Cooper Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Jim Cooper, affectionately known as “Coop,” whose untimely death in April 2005 saddened the entire Shark family. Jim first became associated with the Sugar Land Sharks in the summer of 1995 when his son, Brian, joined the team as a 6-and-under. A former competitive swimmer, Jim immediately took great interest and pride in his son’s enthusiasm for the sport. He was even more pleased when his daughter, Kristin, also became a Shark in the 2000 season.

Jim loved the Sugar Land Sharks swim team because he believed that the camaraderie and sense of family that are a tradition with the Sharks make an important contribution to our community’s quality of life. Jim demonstrated his loyalty and devotion to the team in numerous capacities over the years. He became a Board member in 1996 and served a total of five years on the Board, including two years as President. From time to time he served as a stroke judge, stroke judge coordinator, league representative, and starter. One of Jim’s strongest assets was his communication skills. He was often sought after in difficult situations because of his common sense and ability to remain calm and negotiate solutions to problems in a positive manner. He was always willing to lend a hand wherever needed, and he did so with compassion, integrity, and excellence.

The Sugar Land Sharks established the Jim Cooper Memorial Scholarship with the hope that Jim’s positive qualities and dedication to the Sharks will be fostered and recognized in future generations of the Shark family. The scholarship is awarded to the Sharks coach, swimmer, or active alumnus who demonstrates leadership, community spirit, and volunteerism, a positive attitude, integrity, and dedication to the Sharks. The scholarship is offered to assist the recipient(s) with post-secondary educational expenses.

The Sugar Land Sharks Scholarship Foundation is pleased to oversee the fundraising for this scholarship as well as award the scholarship.